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Move to custom-developed SaaS applications. From end-to-end design and build service to specialized, Cloud expert, experienced resources, Nimbus is your ideal partner.

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About Nimbus

We are a Cloud obsessed Consulting firm. Our legacy is big 5 consulting. We are led by a seasoned team with global experience serving large businesses. An ideal project for us is where we help businesses get rid of their on-premises, old technology, and replace it with a Cloud-based application that is designed to do exactly what you need.

We can build it for you, or, we can augment your IT team with just the right resources. We aim to reduce or eliminate your technical debt without hardware acquisitions, renewals, licensing costs, patch application, and costly upgrades.

About Nimbus Consultation

Helping your Digital Transformation
With a Unique Model

Let’s be honest, building new software is not easy. The journey is filled with challenges. We all have heard stories of over budget, run away timelines, and underwhelming results. We offer a risk mitigated approach where we share more of the risk upfront. Our Agile model replaces existing packages in three-month chunks. We deliver SaaS solutions without a one-time major cutover.

We will maintain a road map for all future needs and add as you grow your business. Most importantly you don’t have to pay for development, but the SaaS subscription.

Helping your Digital Transformation With a Unique Model

How we work

Our job is to help you reduce your technical debt. We help companies focus on their core business by implementing innovation enabled by the newest technologies.

Our Competent Team

You don’t need to retain a large staff for things. We have a talented team ready to deploy.

Using Latest Cloud Advancements

Our team is equipped with the latest technological developments to offer you the finest tech solutions.

Adding Value to your Business

Cloud-native apps to modernize, innovate, and streamline your overall business operations.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to empower companies to convert IT challenges into business opportunities. We aim to govern the businesses at the thrust of advanced technological investments. It includes offering world-class infrastructure and employing highly skilled technologists. Our vision is to make a positive contribution to the IT landscape to enable enterprises to streamline their business processes.

Our talented product development specialists craft results-driven strategies and solutions to provide superior customer service. We aim to provide you cutting-edge in today’s technology-driven environment.